How can I detect high-voltage bushing errors in good time?

Continuous monitoring of high-voltage bushing with MSENSE® BM

Early detection of high-voltage bushing errors
Evaluating operating reliability
of transformer failures can be traced back to a defect in the bushings.
MSENSE® BM continually and reliably monitors conditions.
Robust and reliable online monitoring. Reliable messages and recommendations for action to superordinate systems.

Why is it important to continuously monitor bushings?

  • 17%* of transformer failures can be traced back to defective bushings.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the condition of the bushings is imperative.
  • MSENSE® BM makes it possible to detect faults in bushings early on and to take action before the transformer is damaged.

*Source: "CIGRE” (The Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques, or International Council on Large Electric Systems, is a collaborative global community committed to the world’s leading knowledge development program for the creation and sharing of power system expertise).

Possible causes of transformer damage

A continuous overview of condition and dissipation factors

  • The MSENSE® BM online monitoring system provides reliable, unambiguous condition assessment of high-voltage bushings.
  • MSENSE® BM monitors the relevant variables directly at the electrical bushings (RIP, OIP, or RIS) of the voltage levels from 10 kV to 800 kV. Um = 765 kV.
  • An innovative and field-tested algorithm monitors the condition of the bushing in terms of a change in capacitance (C) and the dissipation factor (tan δ) and compares the change to the limit values.

Continuous monitoring of high-voltage bushings with MSENSE® BM

Standard: Transformer is only checked once a year

With MSENSE® BM: Data is sent continuously to ETOS®

Detect faults in bushings early on and to take action before the transformer is damaged

Your benefits:
Lower operating costs and fewer malfunctions

  • Continuous, reliable online monitoring
  • Modular design, optional packages available for individual expansion
  • Significant savings during operation
  • Reduced downtime, even with an aging transformer fleet
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Early detection and quick rectification of errors

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