Who will send me a timely warning in the event of electrical or thermal problems?

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Cost-optimized early warning system for online DGA monitoring of power transformers

Early, reliable detection of gas and moisture trends in oil
Detect errors, minimize risks
is a critical value for moisture in the oil.
MSENSE® DGA 2/3 is the practice-oriented and retrofit-capable early warning system.
No maintenance and service costs. Monitoring of early indicators, configurable alarms, and integration into SCADA systems.

Monitoring of the primary indicators and detection of Trends

  • The analysis of dissolved and free gases (DGA) is the only online diagnostic option for detecting and analyzing errors in electrical equipment filled with insulating oil. 
  • Fault gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide indicate errors in the windings.
  • Moisture indicates oil quality.
  • The MSENSE® DGA 2/3 early warning system can reliably detect gas and moisture trends in oil.
Oil measurement

The early warning and notification system in detail

  • For paper-insulated transformers
  • Detects individual gas concentrations
    • Moisture in the oil
    • Hydrogen (H2)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Continuously monitors the primary early indicators for possible damage with thermal and electrical causes
  • Shows negative trends that could develop during the service life of a transformer
  • Warns and notifies the user when an individually defined limit value is exceeded

Before it gets critical. MSENSE® DGA 2/3

Safe and reliable use and top performance, even under extreme conditions such as in the Arctic, desert, or rainforest.

Your benefits:
Accurate results and lasting functionality

  • Developed for accurate results and long-term functionality
  • Practical connection for reliable oil sampling for lab analysis
  • Easy and clearly arranged parameterization and data analysis
  • The supplied ball valve ensures easy installation on the transformer, even during operation
  • Effective protection against extreme environmental influences and mechanical loads (IP66, optional: offshore)
  • Easy integration into the MR ETOS® Embedded Transformer Operating System or into SCADA

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Enter a new dimension of reliability


  • 5-year warranty
  • Online training for support before commissioning
  • Online support during commissioning
  • 2 oil analyses, including sample kit for your customers (DGA matrix and moisture)

With every order of an MSENSE® DGA 2/3 delivered by December 31, 2021, you will benefit from these free additional services.

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