How can I use online DGA to receive a reliable condition diagnosis that meets the highest standards?

In-depth online monitoring for important and critical transformers

Scan the gas matrix for fault classification
Detect errors, minimize risks
of all transformer failures are the result of winding problems. The oil analysis provides information on the conditions inside the transformer.
MSENSE® DGA 5/9 is the intensive monitoring system for key and critical transformers.
No additional operating costs. Practice-oriented retrofit – even during operation.

For strategically important transformers

Why should I perform an in-depth analysis of the gas matrix for important and critical transformers?

  • 45% of all transformer failures are the result of winding problems.
  • The oil analysis provides you with information on the conditions inside of the transformer.
  • MSENSE® DGA 5/9 is the intelligent system for trend monitoring, in-depth monitoring and differentiated oil analysis.
Oil measurement

Before it gets critical. MSENSE® DGA 5/9

Detailed fault analysis

A proven step in detailed fault analysis for critical and strategically important transformers: The use of MSENSE® DGA 5 guarantees comprehensive monitoring of fault gases.

Detailed fault classification

The device with the globally recognized 8-gas matrix. For critical transformers or transformers with a high level of strategic importance, MSENSE® DGA 9 uses the algorithms based on the Rogers or Duval methods to provide detailed information about the classification of thermal and electrical faults.

Your benefits:
Major impact with little effort

  • Compact, lightweight device
  • Simple retrofitting
  • Therefore, no additional operating costs
  • Automatic evaluation and fault analysis (for DGA 9)
  • Single device without additional external components
  • Standardized mechanical connection compatible with all transformer models and types
  • Connection with just one valve

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