How do I detect high temperatures directly in the windings in order to prevent damage?

Fiber-optic online temperature measurement with the MSENSE® FO System

Detect hot spots directly at the source
For a quantifiably longer service life
Increases in the winding temperature drastically reduce the service life of the transformer by 75 %.
MSENSE® FO provides a modular system for optimal temperature management.
Maximum efficiency as well as overload and service-life management, in combination with ETOS®.

Power transformer failures are extremely costly.

Precise overload management guarantees a long service life and efficient operation


  • According to a study by CIGRE*, winding problems are the cause of up to 45% of transformer failures.
  • An increase of just 12 °C in the winding temperature drastically reduces the service life of the transformer by 75%.
  • Conventional winding-temperature thermometers only offer a calculated, average depiction of the temperature profile. 
  • For critical and important applications in particular, precise and effective temperature management is key.
  • And that is exactly why we developed the fiber-optic MSENSE® FO system.


* The Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques, or International Council on Large Electric Systems, is a collaborative global community committed to the world’s leading knowledge development program for the creation and sharing of power system expertise.

Hot Spot
Detect the hot spot at an early stage

The early warning system for a long service life

  • Online monitoring of the winding temperature forms the basis for optimal temperature management.
  • The MSENSE® FO system accurately depicts the winding temperature continuously in real time.
  • It shows the thermal state of the transformer at all times. 
  • As an early warning system, MSENSE® FO provides operational security and ensures a long service life.
  • Monitoring of thermal loads with MSENSE® FO while also using ETOS® guarantees grid stability and enables responses to dynamic overloads.

System solution: MSENSE® FO ECU-I

Stand-alone solution: MSENSE® FO ECU-S

Fiber-optic sensor

Your benefits:
Optimal temperature and overload management

  • High level of expert knowledge from MR and its partners
  • Prevention of costly transformer failures
  • Protection of investments and assets
  • Monitoring of dynamic loading to guarantee grid stability
  • Extremely simple integration into the value chain
  • 24/7 service

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