How can I detect mechanical irregularities on the tap-changer from the outside before they become a serious problem?

One of a kind:
Continuous measurement and detailed analysis from MR

Use vibro-acoustics to analyze the heartbeat of your tap-changer
Prevention is the top priority
additional protection for the tap-changer.
MSENSE® VAM detects anomalies before they become a problem.
Operational reliability and maintenance optimization through the world's first online solution for vibro-acoustic monitoring. Self-learning algorithms.


  • Online detection of mechanical anomalies
  • Early intervention and prevention of malfunctions and serious incidents


  • Previous monitoring processes for tap-changers, such as analysis of the torque
  • Detects irregularities before they become problems

Preventive analysis detects possible weaknesses early on

  • Mechanical irregularities in the tap-changer, e.g. on the spring mechanism and during the switching sequence
  • Time differences in the switching process compared to reference measurements
  • Contact anomalies in the tap-changer 
  • Bent selector arms


Detectable anomalies: e.g. loose connection or aged spring mechanism

A "stethoscope" for tap-changers in transformers? What does that mean exactly?

The director in charge of developing this worldwide innovation gives us the answers.

Dr. Karsten Viereck, Director Technology Automation

How MSENSE® VAM works

MSENSE® VAM intelligently listens into the tap-changer, measures continuously and transmits the measured data online. 

Based on algorithms, MSENSE® VAM can evaluate whether a problem exists and gives recommendations for action. Foreign noises are faded out.

Your benefits:
Increased operational reliability and cost optimization

  • The first online solution for vibro-acoustic monitoring
  • Indicates faults early on that would not otherwise be detected
  • The detailed analysis from MR provides you with possible causes and clear recommendations to prevent malfunctions.
  • The self-learning algorithm guarantees easy integration into any transformer and can be used for a wide range of tap-changers from other manufacturers.
  • Can be flexibly combined with other ETOS® modules to create an integrated, smart system solution

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