MTRAB® 2.5

How can I actively keep moisture out of my equipment?

The dehydrating breather for transformers and tap-changers from the market leader that has proven itself 90,000 times over

Effectively prevent moisture in the insulation medium
Lowering operating expenses, extending service life
90000 times
tested and proven worldwide – even under the most extreme conditions.
MTRAB® 2.5 is a tried and tested system – fit for the future in accordance with IEC 60076-22-7.
Technology from the market leader: dehumidifies and continuously monitors the respiratory cycle of the power transformer. Considerable cost savings.

Maximizing operating times and reliability. Increasing efficiency.

  • Ever-longer operating times and ever-greater current densities lead to continuously increasing demands on equipment.
  • Optimal dehydration is the essential prerequisite for the health of your equipment.
  • The proven solution: the maintenance-free MTRAB® 2.5
MTRAB® 2.5

How MTRAB® 2.5 works

  • In normal operation, the air flowing to the oil conservator is routed across the desiccant (silica gel) and thus dried.
  • The degree of moisture of the air flowing to the expansion tank is permanently monitored. The regeneration of the desiccant is activated when the moisture content reaches the defined limit value depending on the behavior of the equipment.
  • The intelligent algorithm and design ensure compliance with the IEC 60076-22-7 standard and the required limit values.
  • Summary: The maintenance-free MTRAB® 2.5 prevents the ingress of moisture into the insulating fluid of transformers, tap-changers, and other components and permanently monitors this equipment.

Advantages over conventional solutions

MTRAB® 2.5 dehydrating breather

  • A significant increase in operational reliability thanks to the maintenance-free system
  • The lack of required maintenance means visual inspections can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Cost-intensive, regular replacement of the desiccant is no longer necessary. This significantly reduces costs.
  • Sensor- and status-controlled regeneration of the silica gel
  • No environmental or disposal problems arising from consumed desiccant
  • Greater efficiency during dehydration thanks to the large contact surface and the technical design

Conventional dehydrating breathers

  • High risk for transformers if maintenance is not or is improperly carried out
  • Regular visual inspection required throughout the entire service life of the transformer to check the moisture level of the desiccant
  • Regular replacement of the desiccant required throughout the entire service life of the transformer
  • Enormous costs due to frequent refilling of desiccant, in particular in regions with high humidity
  • Environmental impact, disposal problems, and considerable costs due to consumed desiccant
  • Ineffective dehydration

Your benefits:
Lower costs. Greater operational reliability.

  • Active protection against moisture in the insulation medium
  • Greater cost efficiency and operational reliability
  • Successful around the world and fit for the future in accordance with IEC 60076-22-7 
  • Easy integration into the ETOS® Embedded Transformer Operating System
  • Simple retrofitting on existing equipment

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